Tutorials contain practical information on the software control, theoretical background and suggested methods. Their purpose is to present current projects in various fields of applications of CESAR in both 2D and 3D.

CESAR 2D - Geotechnics

Staged construction of anchored Sheeting wall

Plane strain – Staged construction – Excavation – water-table – Prestressed anchors

Consolidation under embankment

Plane strain – Drained/undrained analysis - Non-linear consolidation

Staged construction of a gravity wall

Plane strain – Staged construction – Stability (c-phi reduction)

Staged construction of a bolted tunnel

Plane strain – Staged construction – Excavation –Bolts – Efforts in structural elements

Bearing capacity of a circular footing

Axisymmetry -Limit pressure

Slope stability analysis

Plane strain –Stability (c-phi reduction)

Stability analysis of a slope with water table

Slope stability - C-phi reduction - Steady-state flow

CESAR 3D - Geotechnics

Works on an embankment

Staged construction – Excavation

Loading of a pile foundation

Soil-structure interaction - Efforts analysis

Intersection of 2 tunnels gallery

Tunnel – 3D Intersections – Staged construction – Excavation

Reinforced tunnel gallery

Tunnel – Staged construction – Excavation - Bolts

Shallow foundation on a 2 slopes embankment

3D construction - Slope stability

Dewatering on a slope with subsurface drainage system

3D - Water flow - Hydrogeology - Unsaturated soil - Slope stability

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