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Since 70’s, CESAR grows and develops with the skills and expertise of researchers of the French Public Works administration. This high and valid scientific content is offered to professionals with a highly user-friendly graphical interface. Thus CESAR is destined to become your current tool for engineering works.


GUI development / Marketing / Distribution

Created in 1986, itech is an IT services company playing a major role in the domain of software marketing for Construction and Civil Engineering.

itech pursues its main line of business in the design, development and distribution of structural computation software packages for use in the sectors of construction, civil, roads and mechanical engineering.



Scientific development / Validation

Former LCPC until 2011, IFSTTAR is an organisation of reference in the international arena.

IFSTTAR’s role is to carry out and commission, direct, lead and appraise research, development and innovation in the areas of urban engineering, civil engineering, and construction materials, natural hazards.



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