License type is determined by the purpose, for which the license was provided (commercial or academic) and by the type of use:
local license (for standalone computer) or network license (for more computers in a network).

We list here the pricing for a standalone license.

All prices are indicated excluding VAT.

Professional license

Pricing for 1 license under 32 or 64-bits Windows OS.


Geotechnical, Tunnels and Structural analysis
Generate accurate 2D or 3D analysis using the wide libraries of constitutive models.
In 3D, use enhanced geometrical tools and meshing features.
Transient or steady flow analysis are also included for staggered analysis.
Toolbox for user-defined constitutive models.

Thermal analysis included.
2D :  6 500
3D : 13 500
2D + 3D : 18 000


+ Hydrogeological analysis
+ Dynamics
Access a higher level of expertise. Go in details in your hydrogeological analysis: consolidation, non-saturated behaviour, transient flow...
The dynamics tools allow computation of direct response to a dynamic signal, modal analysis…
2D :  9 500
3D : 16 500
2D + 3D : 22 000


+ Thermo-poro-mechanics
Fully-coupled analyses are required in specific domains like works at great depths (wells), exchanges of earth temperature with fluids...
2D : 11 000
3D : 18 000
2D + 3D : 24 500


+ Dynamics
+ Thermo-mechanics
CESAR-LCPC includes classis tools for structural analysis in static or dynamics (seismic response).
For concrete expertise, the early age concrete behaviour is proposed.
2D : 8 500
3D : 14 500
2D + 3D : 21 000

Support contract

- Support (hotline + email),
- Ugrades of version
- Yearly fee
15% of the ordered solution

Academic price list*

Different license types are proposed:
  • research license
  • academic packs (10, 30 seats or more)
Pricing: please contat us

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