CESAR is a calculation software enabling modelling and analysis of geotechnical problems. Proven, powerful and user-friendly, it covers a wide scope of soil and rock mechanics applications (deformation, stability...). It is a valuable tool for geotechnical engineers for embankment, excavation, foundation or tunnel studies, and more.

Tunnel boring machine

CESAR (2D and 3D) is bundled with the required tools for modelling the complex sequence of the tunnel boring machine excavation.
  • Pressure at the front,
  • Controlled excavation forces for TBM shield conicity,
  • Variable pressure for the radial grouting,
  • Modelling of the lining segments with shell or volume elements.
All these tools help the tunnel engineer for the calculation of the settlement trough and the control of the volume loss.

Modelling of the TBM excavation process

Modelling of the TBM excavation process
Bi-tube tunnel (vertical displacements)

Bi-tube tunnel (vertical displacements)

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