New version v2021.1

Main new features in version 2021.1

1. New constitutive model "H1" for the accurate modelling of excavations.

This constitutive model was developed by Dr. El Arji as part of her thesis work at IFSTTAR – Université Gustave Eiffel, in order to improve the estimation of vertical displacements behind a retaining structure such as a wall. In the formulation, particular attention is paid to the volume plastic deformation: the plastic part of the model is characterized by a flow rule and a specific hardening law. On the other hand, the elastic part of the model remains as simple as possible.

The key feature of the model is the flow rule, which does not refer to a plastic potential, and allows first to describe a contracting behaviour and then a dilating behaviour.

Contribution à la modélisation numérique des excavations profondes (thèse de Mme Hiba El Arja)

2. Display of stresses generated in joint elements.

You have the possibility of characterizing the state of the floor/wall interfaces at each stage. These results can be displayed on the model or in charts, and exported for external analysis.

CESAR - Exploitation of results in joint elements

3. Extraction of results in 1D bodies (trusses and beams).

User can directly access the internal forces of these elements and plot them for a better analysis. It is thus easier to extract the values for the design of the structures.

CESAR - Exploitation of results in 1D bodies

4. Manual edition of excavation forces.

Automation of excavation forces is a very convenient feature in version 2021. However for tunnelling modelling, user control of the location and the intensity of excavation forces is necessary. This new feature provides this possibility.

5. Expert features.

For the advanced user or the developer, it is proposed to edit sets of material properties.

This gives the possibility of accessing constitutive models under development or validation.

Many performance improvements and feature optimizations, among them:

  • Geometry: additional consistency checks after Boolean operations
  • Geometry: checks on interface blocks after Boolean operations
  • Mesh: additional checks on mesh connectivity
  • Results: display of labels
  • Results: improvements in exports of scalar arrays by groups
  • General: automatic highlighting of selected objects on mouseover
  • Views: zoom with wheel at mouse position

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